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The official website of our competition director (Czar) Adrian Custer.  Here you will find all of the details about each of the events that our club hosts at Purina Farms in Gray Summit.


www.dtworld.com - Discount wholesaler for all things flying plastic related

www.hyperflite.com - Skyhoundz official discs and gear

www.herodiscusa.com - Maker of our official "St. Louis Disc Dog" club disc!

www.diversdirect.com/scuba-diving/evo-2mm-front-zip-vest- vaulting vests

www.wetwrap.com/Launch_Pad_Vest.htm - dk douglas premium vaulting vests

Dog training Videos

You Tube is a great source for teaching your dog the basics from potty training all the way up to performing a complex series of tricks or tasks.  The most important part of training is to remember you have to build a connection with your dog first and foremost.  The rest is just fun. Here are a few of our favorites:

* How to teach your dog to play Frisbee.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACU6bnEvAUk
Follow Zak on you tube as he has many videos on all things training. www.youtube.com/user/zakgeorge21

* Follow Ron Watson.  He teaches a lot of great disc tricks for you and your dog as well as helps you understand the science behind teaching your dog.  http://www.youtube.com/user/k9disc

* Search words like freestyle discdogs, skyhoundz, Frisbee dogs, etc. to find some great freestyle routines to give you ideas on tricks that you might try teaching your dog.

Great video below on a question we get asked a lot.  How to develop lower drive dogs to like/play the game of fetch.


DiscDog Clubs

www.kcdiscdogs.com - Kansas City Disc Dogs (our "sister" club)

www.flyingk9s.org - Southern Ohio Flying K9's

www.yankeeflyers.com - Multiple Group Site

www.d-dog.com - Indiana Disc Dogs

www.mad-dogs.us - Mid Atlantic Disc Dogs

www.discdogsofmi.com - Disc Dogs of Michigan

www.cfdiscdogs.com - Central Florida Disc Dogs

www.coloradodiscdogs.com - Colorado Disc Dogs

www.dallasdogndisc.com - Dallas Disc Dog Club

www.mndiscdog.com - Minnesota Disc Dogs

www.neddc.com - New England Club

Other Dog Related Links

www.discdogpictures.com - This site is managed by Jeff & Jackie Scheetz.  Jackie is the roaming photographer from the Kansas City Disc Dogs who always has a camera in her hand.  She is responsible for many of the pictures you see on facebook etc. from all of the local clubs.

www.discdognation - Chris Engel travels all over the country to provide video feeds of many competitions throughout the year!  Thank you Chris!!

blip.tv/pawsitive-vybe - Many dog related training tips, routine building, trick training, etc. presented by April Leah and Ron Watson

www.clickertraining.com - The art of clicker training by one of the founders Karen Pryor

www.discdogblog.com - A day in the life of some fellow disc doggers

www.kcdogguard.com - KC area small business who makes some really great stylish and functional no pull leashes and more.

www.purinafarms.com - Great nutritional products for our dog athletes and home to all of our competitions.

www.adoptapet.com - provides a map below of all the local shelters and rescues in the greater St Louis area

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