Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Friendly (first competition of the year) Results

Spring Friendly 2015 is in the books. Despite the rain trying to ruin the day, us hardcore disc doggers persevered and had a lot of fur flying fun. Thank you to everyone that came out and joined us today, and congrats to all the winners. Most notably, our overall winners:  In Novice: Jennifer Dace & Drago took the title for their first overall win, Scott Crump & Zoe took 2nd, and Matt Wheat & Sam finished a respectable 3rd in their first ever competition. In Senior Division: Mike Guentz & Skye took their first overall title just beating out Kathy Guentz & Shaylee who got 2nd. Steve Gannon & Penny finished 3rd in their first competition. In Pro: Troy & Jazmin take their 4th straight Spring Friendly title. Chris Knapp and Marino finished a close 2nd putting on the pressure all day and Kathy Mills & Keegan take 3rd and were very competitive all day long as well.

Next event on the calendar is an Updog event that will again be hosted at Purina Farms. More details willing be coning regarding this event so follow us on facebook to keep up with all the latest happenings.  Updog is a relatively new set of games that we get to play with our dogs.  For game rules and more information go to


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