Friday, September 19, 2014


I have had several requests for when our group will be getting together next for playdate. The calendar is very tight with lots of things going on the next few weeks, but there are some opportunities to come meet group members, ask questions, and get advice.

The first is next Saturday 9/27. A few of our members will be doing a demonstration in conjunction with Strut Your Mutt.
This will be held at: Tilles Park, 9551 Litzsinger Road, Saint Louis, Missouri 63124 The event parade/walk starts at 9:30. Our club will be doing 2 demos. One at 10:15 and one at 11:45. Come out and see a demo and meet with us in between shows for instruction and additional information.

The next opportunity is October 12th. This will be in conjunction with the Canine Games and be held at Purina Farms in Gray Summit Mo. All the information on this event can be found in on their website: We are available throughout entire event for instruction, info on club, etc

Then, 2 weeks later we hold our last competition of the year. This will also be at Purina Farms. No experience necessary and we love having new people come and see what this sport is all about. Come out, meet some great people, play a couple games with your dog, and just have some fun. All completion information and specifics can be found by going to

Lastly, save date of Nov. 9th. This will as we may be part of Dogs on Duty event at St Charles Petco. More info to come on this in a couple of weeks.


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